Texas Supreme Court is battling about the rights of gay couples

Gay wedding cake topper

Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a case around whether the spousal benefits for legally married gay couples should be equal. The case revolves around same-sex spouses being offered equal benefits to straight couples in the city of Houston in 2015. But the Supreme Court in the state has taken an unusual step in agreeing to hear the case as back in September it voted 8-1 not to hear the case. The only judge who voted to hear it insists that the concept of marriage nowadays includes only access to marriage itself, not providing further rights to spouses, which is not right. Houston city defends itself, writing in a response: “The issue here is not whether employee benefits are a fundamental right… It is simply whether same-sex spouses must be allowed the same employee benefits as opposite-sex spouses.” Oral arguments are to be heard on 1 March.


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