Arizona Republican wants to forbid trans people to сhange gender on Medicaid and among prisoners


Two bills have been introduced in Arizona which seek to ban gender reassignment surgery among certain categories of people. Representative Anthony Kern introduced House bills 2293 and 2294 this week which made surgical change of gender limited. He said he is “always in favour of personal freedoms … but never at the expense of the taxpayer.” In a statement issued by Kern, he said: “The fact of the matter is, taxpayers in California had to foot the bill for [a prison inmate’s] gender-reassignment surgery. Now, the precedent has been set to attempt to push other states into supporting this.”

Ashton Skinner the transgender-outreach coordinator for diversity-and-inclusion coalition ONE Community described Kern’s bills as “discriminatory and misguided. Seeking pre-emptive exclusions on services that currently do not exist is playing politics with people’s lives. Transgender Americans already face disproportionate hardships and discrimination seeking and gaining access to health care that can be life-saving,” he said. “We shouldn’t create additional and unnecessary obstacles.”


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