Famous man was blackmailed by a sex worker he used to contact with


The man works in television industry for a long time and claims to be very famous in this sphere, so he hides his name because of the fear to spoil his reputation. The man claims that the male sex worker is blackmailing him threatening to expose the details of their intimate life emailing him: “‘If I ain’t got my f**king money, I’m going to start putting posters up everywhere as well. Is it really worth all this?” . The court heard that the star was accused of paying sex workers between £80 and £100 to walk on his body and sit on him as part of a fetish sex game. Alex Garrigan, 26, faced charges in Croydon Crown Court. The TV star is not the first person tended to be blackmailed by him. The sex worker was jailed for four and a half years over the crime.
Sentencing, Judge Adam Hiddleston branded the crime “despicable”, noting it had caused “despair, depression, and feelings of suicide” in the victims.


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