Indonesian police cancelled LGBT event


It is believed that Indonesian police are connected with the Muslim military group that opposes LGBT. On Thursday, police forced the shutdown of Porseni – an annual sports and cultural event for transgender and gender-neutral people. The Islam Congregation Forum slammed the event saying that it is against their religious views. Police forced crowds at Porseni to disperse, allegedly firing warning shots and detaining 600 participants in a hall hours before the start of the parade. ‘We are not allowed to hold the carnival because they said we did not get the permit,’ Askar Mampo, a parade committee member told The Jakarta Post. Mampo said police gave organisers the green light to hold the event on January 4. ‘Police are supposed to implement human rights obligations not deprive the rights of the community, in this case the Transgender and Bissu of South Sulawesi,’ said Asfinawati, chairman, Indonesian Legal Aid Institute Foundation (YLBHI). The National Commission on Violence Against Women stated: ‘These events are not only a threat to the transgender community in South Sulawesi, but are a threat to democracy in Indonesia”.


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