Racism in Philadelphia gay village


A new report is focused on cases of discrimination (in part racial) in Philadelphia gayborhood where Women, minorities and transgender people are unwelcomed in the clubs having to wait longer for being served. and forced to follow the dresscode which simply does not exist among white people. Now the the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations has suggested neighbourhood wide training is needed to overcome racial bias. As one of the measures is including more people of color to the clubs’ staff.

The city Mayor shared his thoughts about the discrimination cases in the community. “It is maybe not as palpable as it was, but it’s still there,” said the mayorб “We need to do everything we can as a government to hold it up.”

“In every movement, change starts from the community,” said Rue Landau, the executive director of the Commission on Human Relations. “We want you to know: We heard you, thank you, and the time for change is now.”


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