A woman was told that lesbianism was a medical problem


A woman was shocked finding out that her sexuality is stated in the medical history among health problems. Kristina Rodriguez of Indian Trail, North Carolina made the discovery after having blood tests at Lake Park Family Practice, run by the Carolinas Healthcare System. The woman says that she collaborates with this medical provider since childhood and trusts her doctor, so she is sure that there were no evil intentions n doing it. But at the same time she notes that in modern society there is no need to put sexual orientation in medical records and to discuss it with doctors if you don’t want to.

A spokesperson from Carolinas Healthcare System said: “Carolinas HealthCare System has been made aware of a patient complaint regarding information contained in a medical record. This is not an appropriate clinical diagnosis, and we are actively investigating how this information was included. Carolinas HealthCare System strongly supports diversity and inclusion in all its interactions with patients, the public and our teammates, including creating an affirming environment for LGBT patients and their families.”


  1. Might it not function simply as a reminder to the medical personnel to tread carefully if they have to ask about next of kin? And could it not be relevant to some of the sorts of conditions she is liable to?–If they’re trying to identify a problem, it indicates they can probably rule out anything that can result from intercourse with a man.


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