Australian Christians are against ‘Gay panic’ defence removal


Australian Christian Lobby demands to keep the rule according to which gay people are declared as provokers of the violent crimes against them. The law has been removed from the statute books across most of Australia, with Queensland and South Australia only jurisdictions that continue to permit the defence. The government of Queensland is making moves to repeal the section of the Criminal Code that lowers the sentence for crimes committed in “the heat of passion caused by sudden provocation” from a homosexual advance.

The ACL spokesman claims: “It is important to carefully examine any unintended negative consequences of changing the Qld law. I have spoken to a number of women’s organisations, including radical feminists, who oppose the change. Preserving the current law, which treats all equally, is seen as a much better option in terms of protecting women. The proposed changes will potentially compromise the defence of provocation for women with the requirement that the provocation be a serious indictable offence. This will make any defence of women who respond violently to sexual advances, much more difficult to achieve, and very restrictive. Because what this bill will achieve is to preclude actions which would constitute sexual assault from ‘provocation’.”


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