How does the actor from ‘The Skins’ look 10 years after?


The popular British TV series aired 10 years ago featured many LGBT characters, one of which was cute blond-haired gay boy named Maxxie. The actor who played him, Mitch Hewer, is not blond-haired anymore, but he is still cute, isn’t he? The actor, who most recently appeared in 2015 thriller Nightlight is very active on Instagram where he has thousands of followers. He wrote recently: “10 years ago I had the privilege to work on this incredible show! So thankful!” Skins has won praise in the past for its early portrayal of LGBT characters. Lily Loveless, who palyed explained previously: “People tell me it was very realistic. People come up to me in clubs and say ‘You made me come out. It’s really cool. It’s odd because you live in a bubble when you’re filming and you forget it’s going to go out on TV!”


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