Mr Gay New Zealand finalist helps homeless LGBT youth


Cody Jarvie shows that it is not enough to have a pretty face. It is important to be beautiful inside, to do good things and to help other people. The young man focused on charity and helping those LGBT people who are homeless. He participated in a beauty contest not to attract attention to himself and not to get money or to become famous. He wants to be a role model for young LGBT people and to motivate us to help those who need it.

From Rotorua, the bartender and entrepreneur says: “We have a small LGBT community in Rotorua but we have a big heart. I want to get Rotorua to back me as much as I can. I hope that it gives others the confidence to enter.”Of focussing any attention onto LGBT homelessness, Jarvie says: “It’s something I feel strongly about and it’s a growing epidemic.” The event producer added that Mr. Gay is actually not a beauty context, it is an opportunity to look at the problems LGBT community faces with every day and to find the way out of them.


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