A lesbian woman wrote a letter to the past version of herself


When you are 14 you are sure that your life is terrible. When you are 14 and you feel that you differ from others your life gets billion times more terrible. But when you grow up looking at the situation from aside (or it would be better to say from above, because we grow not only in physical meaning of this word, our experience makes us rise above the problems we previously considered to be not so easy to solve) everything seems differently.

Lyra McKee wrote the letter to 14-year-old girl she used to be in a blog post following a homophobic comment made by a local evangelical pastor. McKee grew up in Belfast, which she described as a “hostile environment” for a lesbian teenager.

“I wanted to write it because a local evangelical pastor here made some horrible derogatory remarks about gay people, and gay women specifically, and it really upset me. I could really see the impact of what he had said, because I knew so many people at the time who were really struggling with their sexual identity,” a woman shared with Irish Times, “A friend of mine said, you should write a response to this, and so I did. It really struck a chord with people. I had so many people contacting me, saying they had cried reading it. The emails that moved me the most were parents who contacted me, saying they were going to show it to their sons and daughters. They said: I hope my child never feels like this, and if they are gay, that they will know they will always be loved by their parents.” And what would you say to your past self?


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