An Arkansas state official resigns after saying that homophobic jokes are now available


Hunter Hatcher had served as an outreach coordinator for the state treasurer Dennis Milligan.He is known by joking about gay people. In part once he wrote: “Y’all in Trump’s America now! Time to flick that chip off ya shoulder and quit being so offended. Gay jokes are back on ya bunch of homos.” After that he went on saying “I love Subway cause I can tell a woman to make me a sandwich and she does it with a smile on her face. I wish all women had that Subway work ethic. And equality? Don’t get equal, get to cooking woman, get equal on your own time.”

The state treasurer Dennis Milligan could not leave such claims without attention. He responded: “We are obviously very disappointed in some recent outbursts on social media by one of our employees who is currently on military leave. These statements… in no way represent the views of the Treasurer, who does not and has never held such audacious viewpoints. The comments made by a member of my staff were insulting, unprofessional, unbecoming of a state employee and have no place in a public office.”


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