LGBT workplace protection law still does not protect LGBT in Wyoming


New legislation to protect LGBT employees from discrimination at their workplaces has found support among both Democrats and Republicans. Introduced yesterday, Senate File (SF) 153 will prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It comes on the same day that a controversial piece of Wyoming legislation, religious freedom bill HB135, is dropped. But at the same time it could technically allow any worker, including doctors and police, to decline services to LGBT if they felt it conflicted with their faith.
Supporters of HB153 dropped the legislation when it became apparent that there would not be enough time for the Wyoming legislation to debate it. LGBTI advocates have welcomed the fact that the bill has been introduced, and will introduce previously lacking discrimination protections. However, they are unhappy the legislation includes exemptions for religious organizations. They are urging supporters to write to their representatives to make their views known.


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