The Independent caused a scandal by attaching a picture of gay couple to their article


At 3.35pm on Wednesday 25 January 2017, The Independent newspaper posted an article about the sleeping habits of people. But it caused more resonance than it could be expected, because the article had a photo pf a same-sex couple sleeping together. When the article was posted on the Twitter platform, it caused aggression among some users. “This picture is disgusting”, wrote one user. “Another LBGT agenda picture without reason,” added another. One criticised The Independent’s picture editors for daring to normalise same-sex relationships, writing: “Do your staff realise what prats choosing that picture makes them look?”

But there were also those who protected the article and the picture. “A black gay couple used as an image. Nice. This is a step in the right direction. #RepresentationMatters“, wrote one. Another expressed the hope that one day such a picture would not be considered controversial, writing: “It shouldn’t have to be brave to put a picture of a couple on an article about couples, but here we are. Good on you.”


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