Ad against tax-exempt status of the Mormon Church will be on air


The advert created by the LGBT activist Fred Karger, will be broadcast by one of the biggest cable providers Comcast. It challenges the tax-exempt status of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.But one of the required conditions for the video to be aired is to reword the part saying about the church’s assets. But the suggestion of the large assets will still be made in the revised version of the ad along with allegations that the Church spends millions of dollars on political campaigns each year. On Wednesday, Karger said: “I’m very excited about it”.“For the one unsubstantiated claim, they agreed to modify the statement/visual,” reads the statement, “We are waiting for them to send us a revised 30-second ad to review.” A second company, Provo, had been airing the ad despite the original refusal by Comcast. Tips in the ad had been received by email and phone, says Karger.


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