Bishop who denied that gay animals exist was confronted by protestors


Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of Grace Bible Church in Soweto made the outspoken comments in a sermon this week claiming that homosexuality was unnatural because it was impossible to find two male animals involved into sexual activity. Of course, the LGBT activists could not leave such claims without their attention. They emphasized on that fact that homosexual activity is rather common for different animals both for pleasure and for solving conflicts. One activist, Motsau Motsau, said they were there to clear up confusion. “We are not asking the church or faith spaces to be accepting of us, it’s clear. We are not here to argue on moral theological grounds that they should accept us or love us, but are asking for people to be in solidarity with us. People who know the oppression. We are saying let us stand together against religious intolerance that promotes discrimination and violence against our bodies,” Motsau said, “Everyone is entitled to understand the Bible and interpret it in their own way. That’s fine. But when you compare me to an adulterer, the adulterer is not denied access to medical care when they go to a hospital, they aren’t kicked out of their homes or denied food. This is what we face. These are our bodies on the line,” he added.


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