Thailand thinks over opening LGBT specific prison


Pattaya Remand has separated inmates who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in order to avoid discrimination and hate crimes among prisoners. in the last few months, and the out come has proved so successful that the government is getting ready to open a separated prison for LGBT inmates only. “If we didn’t separate them, people could start fighting over partners to sleep with,” said Watcharavit Vachiralerphum, warden in the prison. “It could lead to rape, sexual assault, and the spread of disease.”

“There are people that discriminate against gays,” said gay prisoner Chawalit Chankiew. “If I happen to sleep next to someone who hates gay people, I wouldn’t know it unless they show it. What if they hurt me one day?” “Building and reallocating an entire prison facility for LGBT prisoners is as a matter of fact a measure of segregation,” said Jean-Sebastian Blanc, an expert on prisons at the Association for the Prevention of Torture. “There is a significant difference between a public health policy aiming at preventing transmissible diseases and segregating a segment of the population on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” Blanc added.


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