Trans woman fixed the attack on her on Facebook Live


A trans woman live-streamed the moment she was attacked by a transphobic villain on the way to LGBT conference. 23-year-old Ryannah Quigley of Seattle had been in Philadelphia to attend the LGBTQ Creating Change conference last Friday. Walking by the street she heard a set of loud homophobic and transphobic slurs addressed to her. Scared of what might happen, Ms Quigley took out her phone and began recording the encounter on Facebook Live – just in time to capture the moment the man puncher her in the face. Police identified the man and arrested him the following day. The victim told reporters: ‘I said, ‘Is there a reason why you’re staring at me up and down?’ And he stopped and turned and looked and he said, ‘Whatever bro.’ So that’s when I said, ‘Please don’t call me bro. He just kept telling me, ‘You’re a f****t,’ and ‘You’re going to hell.’ Then he kept saying, ‘You’ll never be a real woman’. I kind of blacked out emotionally – I was just in shock, because it happened so quickly. Often times we are not believed… we are often looked at as the problem. Because as trans women people assume that, ‘Oh, you must have been hitting on him’. Transgender individuals, they are people, they are living and they will continue to be here.”


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