Dating website for Trump supporters only is launched

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an event at the annual Rolling Thunder "Ride for Freedom" parade ahead of Memorial Day in Washington, DC, on May 29, 2016. / AFP / Andrew CABALLERO (Photo credit should read ANDREW CABALLERO/AFP/Getty Images)

The website for pro-Trump Americans was in plans even before the election results were clear. But it was just an idea which was a joke in part. Launched in May 2016 Trumpsingles was considered to be just a funny way to earn money on the election. And when Donald Trump won the founders thought it really may work. The aim of the new site is simple: to help Trump supporters find dates without fear of being abused because of their political affiliations. The website founder Dave Goss and his partner personally check every profile to be sure that there are no web trolls who register there only to laugh at the other users.

“With all of the devices and the echo chamber that basically keeps telling everybody that we are these terrible, horrible, homophobic, misogynists, all these terrible things just because we are Trump supporters, it’s hard to go out and find dates just with the regular populace”, the site creator told iNews, “We’re here for Trump supporters. People can come, they know that they are dating somebody with the same political affiliations, somebody who has the same ideals, that they are like-minded, they have the same values that they want in life, in a family and in a relationship.”


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