Ellen DeGeneres is slamming Trump’s Muslim ban using a cartoon character voiced by her


Ellen explained why Donald Trump‘s executive order banning the citizens of 7 Muslim countries is not right using a cartoon ‘Finding Dory’, in which she was the voice of the main character. “Dory arrives in America with her friends Marlin and Nemo. She ends up at the Marine Life Institute behind a large wall. They all have to get over the wall and you won’t believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out,” Ellen explained, “Even though Dory gets into America, she ends up separated from her family, but the other animals help Dory. Animals that don’t even need her. Animals that don’t have anything in common with her. They help her, even though they’re completely different colors. Because that’s what you do when you see someone in need – you help them.” Ellen underlined that she is not political and neither is a cartoon, but it is clear that Dory is a foreigner behind the wall. But only the unity with other people (o fishes). wherever they come from, helped her to get to her family. And family is not only blood.


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