Kellie Maloney says ‘life was taken away’ when she publicly revealed to be trans


Maloney complains that when her transgender status has become publicly known she felt like somebody took her life. “[I didn’t receive] much negative attention but I sort of felt my life was taken away from me. I wasn’t in control of my own life. There was so much attention around it, I felt like I was being rushed from pillar to post and I was at the centre of curiosity,” the boxing promoter told OK! magazine. She is a woman, she is heterosexual and it is clear for her. She wants other people to understand it as well. “People don’t make big deals about people in wheelchairs or people in the gay community these days – they’re accepted in society now. And I think trans people should be just as accepted in society. Because we are just people that have just corrected something we were born with, we haven’t changed the person inside us. We just want to be comfortable with ourselves and peaceful with ourselves and to be accepted in society.”


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