Right-wing Internet troll helped Trump to build the wall


Milo Yiannopoulos has helped Donald Trump to whom he refers as ‘daddy’ to build the wall on the Mexican boarder, as the new video shows. Posted with the tagline, “even Daddy isn’t totally immune from public sector bureaucracy and delays. So we’re giving him a head start!”, the video appears to mock the controversial plan by the President to build a wall along the entire 1,989 miles border. Something that’s expected to cost several billion dollars. In the video Milo puts the bricks on the future wall without any cement or anything else to keep the bricks together. At one point, Milo remarks that his buff builders have to ensure they don’t “build him out” or he “can’t get back in”. People started to question what they’d just watched almost immediately when the video appeared on Youtube and then shared on Twitter. Senior Editor of Business Insider, Josh Barro, questioned if it was the “worst Sean Cody video” people had seen?


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