Washington DC gay bar manager denies being a racist


A manager of a gay bar in Washington, D.C. was criticized when looking for a model for his new advertisement he noted that he needed a white guy only. The manager at JR’s, David Perruzza, had an email from 2012 leaked that appears to show him being racist. “I don’t know how to be [politically correct] about it but do you have a hot white guy?” the email read. “That’s more our clientelle [sic].” THe bar owner denied that there was something discriminatory in the comment and noticed that the misunderstanding took place because of the quality of pictures. “All pictures that were used were awful. We went with none at all. As for all the talk this is getting. JRS 5 years ago was a predominantly white crowd so yes, you advertise to who comes to your bar. That’s business. Now things are very different.” he wrote on Instagramб “We have one of the most diverse staffs and have had the same staff for years, we also are the only bar to do an event like Arabian nights not to mention the amount of money we give back to the community which supports numerous causes. Don’t believe what a disgruntled person will put on there page,” he added.


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