2,5% of British population are LGB, study shows


London, Manchester and Brighton had the highest population of people who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. In Greater Manchester 3.6 percent of people where thought to be LGB, and 5.1 percent of people in Greater London. The report looked at 15 different surveys of adults across the country, before cross-referencing the data with the number of people in the mid-2014 census. Results suggested a total of 1,358,848 LGB living across England, although if people who responded ‘rather not say’ to surveys were included in the data, this figure would rise to more than three million. Researchers say it is the first ever ‘robust’ estimate of the gay and bisexual population in England and that the data will be used to help understand and better their provisions for the health and wellbeing of LGB people.


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