Desperate Housewives actor Charlie Carver: A year after coming out


Charlie Carver has reflected on his coming out as gay to his Instagram followers last year. The actor told Entertainment Tonight that his sexuality has never been a secret for the people he knew, but as for the audience, they might only guess. So he came out top fans because he wanted to be sure that he was on the right place doing the right thing. “Part of my decision to come out was because I was ready to take on that conversation in a more public forum,” he added. He played a gay character in I am Michael and it made him think about the story of his own life. There he met Zachary Quinto who also inspired him. “He’s somebody who I admire very much and somebody who has carried who he is out in the public in a very admirably way,” he explained. One thing I warned myself to do is never to be afraid to take another gay part, especially a well-written one.” He added he has also become more conscious of which parts he accepts since coming out, asking how he can expand the narrative available to LGBT video. “I think there are a lot of stories that happen to include LGBT voices that aren’t told.”


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