Man sues Grindr over fake profiles


Matthew Herrick, 32, alleges that he has complained to the app admins about fake profiles several times but the complains were ignored. He claims it to be a negligence because of which his life was taken away from him. It started when a man turned up at Mr Herrick’s apartment, expecting to have sex. He explained to the man that he had not been on the app. The person at his door went on to show the Grindr profile and conversation including the half-naked pictures believed to be stolen from the man’s Instagram profile. Ever since as many as eight or nine men a day have been turning up at his apartment, and even turning up to the restaurant where he works with the expectation of sex. He now estimates more than 700 men have turned up to see him thinking they’re about to hook-up due to the fake profiles. There were even those who refused to leave the man’s flat and tried to assault him. In another occasion six men turned up expecting an orgy, having spoken to the fake profile. Even after a judge signed an injunctive relief order to force Grindr to stop the impersonating profiles, at least 24 men have come to his home and work. Mr Herrick alleges that it is his ex boyfriend spawning the fake profiles, who knows his address and workplace, as well as giving out his mobile number.


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