Tory MP: Avoiding the word ‘mother’ is ridiculous


A British Medical Association (BMA) pamphlet urging the healthcare workers to use a term ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘mothers’ to make this term trans- and intersex-inclusive was slammed by the conservative MP. “If you can’t call a pregnant woman an expectant mother, then what is the world coming to?” Tory politician Philip Davies recalled. In addition to the gendered terms, the guide advises against using “disabled lifts”, and “older people”, and instead suggests “accessible lifts” and “the elderly”. “This is a guide for BMA staff and representatives aimed at promoting an inclusive workplace at the BMA,” a spokesperson told the Standard. “It is not workplace guidance for doctors which is clear from the fact it does not refer to patients.” The pamphlet also urges the use of “assigned male or female”, to describe the gender of a person and advises to avoid the words like ‘mankind’ or ‘manpower’.


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