Former Taiwanese VP is under fire for telling government to halt same-sex marriage plans

Jiang Yi-huah (R) takes over as Taiwan's new premier from his predecessor Sean Chen (L) during an oath-taking ceremony presided over by Vice President Wu Den-yih (C) in Taipei on January 18, 2013. A new cabinet was sworn in following a reshuffle touted by President Ma Ying-jeou as adding new skills and capability to his government. AFP PHOTO / Mandy CHENG (Photo credit should read Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)

Same-sex marriages are one step away from being a reality in Taiwan, so the former Vice-President who currently asks the government to halt them is strongly criticized for such a position. The ex VP insists such a law to be unnecessary in a country like Taiwan where the LGBT population is believed to be rather small. The candidate for the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) chairperson election was criticised by Chen Fang-ming, a professor at National Chengchi University’s Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature. On his Facebook Chen made a statement slamming Wu’s words. He wrote: “He is basically still living in the martial law era. The core concepts of democracy and human rights are equality and justice, not separating people,” he said. The nation has had three changes in government, but the KMT does not seem to have changed its ideas about politics and still thinks that government is meant to serve those with vested interests. Wu wants to halt the proposed legislation on same-sex marriages; what he does not know is that people have already stopped believing in the KMT. Should the party continue to promote its own vested interests, it would never become the ruling party again.”


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