Indiana appeals against same-sex parents names in birth certificates

2 moms

Indiana is going to dismiss the last year decision according to which the same-sex parents were permitted to both be stated in birth certificates of their children. The judge ruled last year that both mothers (the decision concerned female same-sex couples; there were 8 of them) should have a right to be mentioned in the child’s birth certificate. The initiative comes from the state’s Attorney General Curtis Hill to repeal the ruling by the state. The decision to appeal was criticised by Freedom Indiana. Campaign manager Chris Paulsen said: “By putting the interest of children first, Judge Pratt’s ruling helps to ensure that all loving and capable parents are to be treated equally under the law, including same-sex couples. Sadly, Attorney General Hill’s decision puts politics ahead of LGBT families, and it further damages the state’s reputation as an open and welcoming place for all.”


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