The new Secretary of State’s candidature was confirmed by the Senate


The wealthy oil magnate who closely knows the Russian President Vladimir Putin was chosen as the USA Secretary of State. Despite running on a platform of minimising the influence of lobbyists and special interests, the President-elect confirmed back in December that Rex Tillerson, the CEO of oil company Exxon Mobil, is set to take such a responsible post, leading the foreign policy and forming connections with other countries. Democrats had attempted initially to have Tillerson’s appointment delayed until he weighed in on Trump’s executive order banning refugees from several countries. But instead they had switched to attempting to have Republicans vote against his appointment. The appointment of Mr Tillerson has raised some concerns, given Exxon’s poor record on equality and diversity under his tenure. The company did not explicitly affirm an LGBT non-discrimination policy until 2014, after repeatedly rejecting proposals previously.


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