Walgreens pharmacy helps HIV+ people


Pharmacy giant Walgreens releases the new advertisement about HIV-positive people, and not figurally, but depicting their own customers with HIV. The ads feature seven HIV-positive customers of the brand, which shine a positive light on living with HIV. One of them is 58-year-old man named Gregg who lives more than three decades with HIV. Joshua, another of the customers is featured with his mother who says she was ashamed of her son for his diagnosis. He says: “To not have my family or their support there … I had to dig deeper into who I was, who I wanted to be, and if I wanted to live to see that.” The man’s mother now says: “I’m right there a hundred percent.” Walgreens’ Lee talks of one of the staff members featured in the ads, Andrew, saying he “is one of our many, many (a couple thousand) staff who are specially trained to offer services in a standalone or everyday Walgreens store that you may not think is a specialised location.”


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