Will a lesbian superhero of Marvel be introduced soon? Spoilers ahead


Marvel has got a new TV show coming out, and the first lesbian character of the franchise may be introduced there as well. Runaways, based on the Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona series, have recently introduced the new cast. The characters are Alex (played by Rhenzy Feliz), a video-games-loving geek, Nico (Lyrica Okano), a ‘budding Wiccan’, Karolina (Virginia Gardner), a usual teen daughter of unusual parents. In the series, the Runaways were a group of teens who were lifelong best friends forced to go on the run when they discovered that all of their parents are members of a supervillain team called the Pride (isn’t it symbolic?). In the comics, the team were shortly introduced to Xavin – a Skrull with shapeshifting abilities. Karolina finds out she is actually an alien – a Majesdanian. For all of her life, her parents told her to wear a medical bracelet or she would die from a deathly allergy. It turns out it was just suppressing her true form – a rainbow-colored cosmic body with the ability to fly and shape light. She is told the Skrulls and the Majesdanians are at war, and a marriage between the two might end the fighting. She receives a proposal from Xavin and says ‘no’ explaining that she prefers girls. But love sees no obstacles. Xavin is able to change the shape, including changing gender, so it is not so hard for him (or her) to become a girl if Karolina’s love depends on it. While it’s unknown whether Marvel will use this particular plot line, over the past 10 years Karolina Dean has always been confident in her sexuality.


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