A woman hid from people over 10 years because of being trans


Allysa Call is 35 years old. She grew up in a small town with a rather conservative mentality which could be the key factor for a woman to live a secret life – she was afraid that people would not accept her gender identity – Allysa is transgender.

“I was five years old when I realised that I was different. When you are younger, you start to develop your personality and who you are and at the age of five I just wanted to do girly things. I wanted to dress up in girl’s clothes and I felt like I just didn’t fit in with boys,” she remembers the first steps of self-identifying, “When you are a teenager, you know who you are attracted to and I knew at the age of 16 I was attracted to boys. Even back then I felt very feminine and that is when I came out as gay but I realised very quickly that I didn’t identify as being male. It was like my body was not in line with my brain.”

At school she suffered, but at college chose to be herself. “When I was growing up I wasn’t very confident and I found it hard telling my family. When it all came out they would sometimes make mistakes. Other people didn’t realise how long that I had been feeling like that and it does take time for people to get used to you being one way and then suddenly being another way”.

“I still have feelings and obviously the nasty comments do affect me but over the years I have learned to build a thicker skin. And as you get older you learn about people more and the people that leave the negative comments I don’t think that they have a problem with me, but instead I think that the problem is with them,” she added.


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