Donald Trump is the least popular POTUS ever

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 10: President-elect Donald Trump (L) listens as U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office November 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. Trump is scheduled to meet with members of the Republican leadership in Congress later today on Capitol Hill. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Donald Trump leads the country for two weeks only but the first orders he signed as the President of the United States appeared to be really harmful for his reputation and popularity among Americans. People turned their backs to Trump after he banned the citizens of 7 Muslim countries from crossing the USA borders. And his rates are now the lowest among all the USA Presidents. A CNN/ORC International poll found that 53% of respondents disapprove of the way their new president. Just 44% of people can think and speak positively about the new leader. At this point in Barack Obama’s presidency, the 44th president enjoyed a 76% popularity. George H.W. Bush had 53%, and President Reagan 51% at the same point of their presidencies. John F Kennedy’s stood at 72%, while Bill Clinton’s and Richard Nixon’s both stood at 59%. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, has also caused controversy among Democrats.


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