Canadian gay couple named the photographer who refused to shoot their wedding


Mike Cerantola and his partner Victor Rivas from Montreal, Canada, opened up to a local television about the refusal they received looking for a wedding photographer. They said that they had been asked about whether there would need to be a photographer at the home of the groom and of the bride before the wedding. I sent [Victor] the quote, he agreed with it, so we were trying to set up a meeting,” Mike says, “I mentioned that there’s only going to be one house, since we already live with each other, and I said there is no bride: we’re two guys.” To this the photographer replied that he would not take the wedding because it went against his religious beliefs.

Victor wrote on Facebook: “ATTENTION this company has refused to photograph our wedding because we are a same sex couple! Furthermore they cited religious beliefs. In doing so they have broken the laws of our country and province. Adverse effect discrimination this is the law they broke. Am I offended yes but the point is that we have laws and if they don’t respect us that’s their problem, but they have to respect the LAW!! Share if you believe in equality for everyone!” Reading this 29 photographers showed their interest in serving for their wedding


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