South Carolina’s first gay lawmaker


Jason Elliot, a Republican who represents the 22nd District, defeated four-term incumbent Wendy Nanny, a graduate of the state’s ultra-conservative Bob Jones University. He claims that he never told voters about his orientation. He never spoke about being gay because people have never been interested in his private life. But there was no intention to hide it, because he would never cope with lying and pretending. Having been married with children, the new representative is now divorced and said his focus is on improving education, increasing jobs and repairing the state’s crumbling roads and bridges. As a member of the GOP in an ultra-conservative area, it’s no surprise he is a “pro-life advocate”. “As a Christian and a father, I stand firm that life begins at conception and will defend this stance against any liberal attacks,” he said on his website.

“Every South Carolinian has equal rights, not special rights, and I believe each part of the constitution is equally important. In South Carolina, that means respecting other people’s viewpoints and protecting religious freedom,” he told the local press.


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