French Presidential hopeful laughs at rumors of his ‘double life’

Former French Economy Minister, founder and president of the political movement "En Marche !" and candidate for the France's 2017 presidential elections Emmanuel Macron looks on during a public meeting at the Palais des Sports in Lyon, on February 4, 2017. / AFP / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK (Photo credit should read JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/AFP/Getty Images)

Emmanuel Macron burst with laugh reacting on the claim of one of the members of the French Parliament. Yesterday we reported that the MP accused Macron of being a marionette of a gay lobby and being a closeted gay living a double life.

“I hear people saying that I have a secret life or something. It’s not nice for Brigitte… she is asking herself how I could physically do that. She shares my life from morning to night,” Macron said, adding that he is who he is and he has nothing to hide. Of the aspersions that he is in a relationship with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet, Mr Macron joked: “If you’re told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet it’s because my hologram has escaped” . He is the strongest supporter of the LGBT community among the Presidential candidates, although he does not belong to it.


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