Scientists prove that trans people should be allowed to be themselves from childhood

Portrait of happy children embracing each other and laughing with pretty girl in front

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are far higher among transgender people, especially kids. But allowing children to live in harmony with themselves letting them express their identity can help to decrease the levels of mental heath disorders, study proves. The new study, published in the journal American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, proves that gender identity issue is rather problematic for children, and the more support they receive in families, the easier it would be for them to find and accept their real selves.Experts worked with 63 trans children between 2012 and 2015, all from supportive families and who were already transitioned socially. The kids involved in the study were referred to by the correct pronouns and wearing the clothing they wished to wear for their gender identity. Trans kids who are supported by their friends and families are less likely to have depression even in comparison with their cigender peers.


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