Tory MP Nick Boles escaped from hospital to vote for Brexit


Tory MP Nick Boles, who is openly gay, has posted a picture of himself leaving a hospital where he receives treatment pf oncology. The photo caption on Facebook said that the MP would leave the hospital where he has received chemotherapy for a tumour in his head, to “represent my constituents”, despite feeling “pretty grim”.

The Conservative MP was a strong supporter of the remain campaign in the lead up to the Brexit vote. He announced that he was going to be off work in October after being diagnosed with cancer which he treated with chemotherapy.

“Today, on my own initiative, I am coming out of hospital to support the government on the Article 50 bill. I have spent the last week receiving my third round of chemotherapy for the cancer that was discovered last October. I feel pretty grim and will have to go back to hospital after I have voted. But I want to come to Parliament to represent my constituents on this important bill and do my bit to ensure that it is passed without amendment,” he wrote, “I believe it is in everyone’s interests that the PM is given the mandate to start negotiating Brexit and the formation of a new relationship with our friends in Europe without delay.”


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