Tory MP thinks women are unnecessary in Women and Equality Committee name


Philip Davies, who was last year elected unopposed to the Parliamentary committee responsible for scrutinising the government’s equalities work, made the demand in the Commons. The MP is known for opposing different movements for the rights of women. He was previously suspected of ties to the so-called ‘Justice for Men and Boys party’ – which issues awards for “lying feminist of the month”, and affirms on its website that “feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars”. And now he wants to rename the Parliament Committee feeling the current name to be ‘unfair’ for gay people.

And he is not the only one British MP supporting this idea. He was backed up by fellow Tory MP David Nuttall, who argued that “the black and minority ethnic or the gay and lesbian communities might feel that the title of the Committee suggests it will be giving priority to the concerns of women over their own concerns”.
Mr Nuttall’s concern for the feelings of “the gay and lesbian communities” is surprising, given he strongly opposed same-sex marriage. Though the committee scrutinises the work of the Minister for Women and Equalities, Mr Davies insisted: “Every single departmental Select Committee is named after the Department it scrutinises. I am also on the Justice Committee, which scrutinises the Ministry of Justice. The only exception is the Women and Equalities Committee, which shadows the Government Equalities Office. Surely this Committee should be called the Equalities Committee.”


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