Irish writer leaves his profession because of gay activists


Irish political writer John Waters who is against same-sex marriages claims that he quits his job because LGBT campaigners made him do it, because currently the issue of legalizing same-sex marriages stands too sharply in Ireland. “I stopped being a journalist because of the LGBT campaign. They tried to present themselves as beautiful gentle people, but these people aren’t,” h told Outmost, comparing gay rights activists to the militants who fought for the independence of Ireland during the Irish war, “We had a group back in our country, back in the War of Independence, the Black and Tans, you guys [in Britian] sent them over here to us. I would prefer them to the people I met last year in the campaign. I would prefer them, bring them back. Bring back the Black and Tans. Elsewhere in the discussion Waters claimed that paedophile sex abuse scandals within the Catholic church are actually “closely aligned to homosexuality”.

“Now paedophile priests, there’s no such thing… that’s the single most interesting lie about all this. 90% of the abusers in Catholic church, they were not paedophiles, they were ephebophiles. An entirely different phenomenon. They were abusers of teenage boys which is closely aligned to homosexuality,” the homophobic former Irish Times wrider added.


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