Japanese trans man fights for the right not to be sterilized


According to the Japanese laws people should be sterilized before being legally recognized by their gender identity. Takakito Usui, 43, identifies as male and wants to be recognised as a man in the local family registry without surgical sterilization. Usui wanted to change his gender legally without undergoing sterilization. He took his case to the Family Court but the request was denied.

‘The law violates Article 13 of the Constitution because it requires (invasive) surgery that does tremendous damage to a person’s body and, therefore, is invalid,’ he said. The court ruled that sterilization has a reason beyond, even though it is unconstitutional. ‘It is interpreted that the operation requirement was based on the understanding that keeping the reproductive ability of the sex an individual was born as is not appropriate,’ the court said in its ruling. Usui said the law was ‘out of touch with reality’. ‘The law is not fit to cover all cases because the circumstances surrounding people dealing with gender identity issues are widely varied,’ he told media. ‘I hear some people who underwent operations came to regret them. The essential thing should not be whether you have had an operation or not, but how you want to live as an individual.’


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