Men as well as women want to be parents


In life of each person sooner or later appears a desire to become parent. And independently of gender person starts to search for abilities to implement this desire into life. There is a stereotype that women have stronger motherhood instinct if to compare with men. Panax Center (Gay Surrogacy Agency) team made a research and told that men, as well as, women have the same strong instinct to become fathers.

Usually implementation of parenthood instinct finds itself in family creation. Man and woman create a family and give birth to their children. But today question of not traditional families is widespread too. It is usual thing already when two women or two men create a family and also have desire to grow biologically related children.

It is good that today reproductive medicine has ability to make full families independently from parents’ gender. Surrogacy motherhood for gay couples is very popular among not traditional couples willing to become parents.

Surrogacy procedure gives two main pluses to the parents such as:

  • Ability to become parents and to implement natural instinct of parenthood into life
  • Ability to have biologically related child and create full family

Not always there is ability to enter surrogacy program in the place of residence and in this case international surrogacy takes place. Today the situation for LGBT representatives willing to become parents is not the best in many countries, it is connected with new governments in many leading European countries and a lot of them change politics concerning LGBT rights, including the right to become parents.

But even in such situation there are agencies, like Panax Center, which are able to help and make you the biggest present of parenthood.


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