Texas lawmaker makes transphobic comments


A Republican lawmaker has explained he wants to roll back LGBT rights protections it would make men in dresses walk around. Texas state rep. Briscoe Cain made the appalling comments during a discussion on Senate Bill 6, one of several bills filed in Texas during this legislative term that would seek protection of minorities to be minimal. “We shouldn’t be penalizing people [who discriminate]… it wasn’t a problem when I was a child. Was it a problem when you were a kid? I don’t remember dudes walking around in dresses getting beat up. It wasn’t a thing, and now I think we’re encouraging it,” the lawmaker told Texas Tribune asked to clarify the reason why he wants LGBT rights to be rolled back.

What is strange is Cain himself was subjected by anti-LGBT claims not so long time ago During the Republican primary in which he defeated incumbent Wayne Smith, Cain was subject to a third-party flier that alleged “Briscoe Cain is well known to those who frequent Montrose area night clubs and gay bars”. Houston voters want to keep men out of women’s locker rooms and restrooms. District 128 voters should keep Briscoe Cain out of men’s restrooms as well.”


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