Fijian couple are afraid to report about a hate crime attack because it may repeat

CORAL COAST, FIJI: Melanesian children float on a bamboo pontoon by Wicked Walu Island on the resort-studded Coral Coast of Fiji, 11 November 2003. Since the Bali bombings 12 October 2002 tourism has overtaken sugar cane as the South Pacific archipelago's primary source of foreign revenue. AFP PHOTO/Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

A couple from Fiji is afraid to open the legal case in connection with hate crime attack against them. The have a fear to become targets of homophobic villains who might just kill them one day. Discriminating LGBT in Fiji is illegal since 2013. But the country’s PM himself is known for radically homophobic remarks and sexual minorities are strictly unwelcomed by the local society, so the men believe to be in danger.

“While we were walking towards the road, two teenage boys approached us, smiling,” they said? They made some sexually subjec­tive comments towards us. We ignored them and continued to flag down a cab and all of a sudden one of them punched my friend. When he went to try and stop the attack, the same assailant pushed him to the ground. My lips were cut and bleeding.”


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