Legislators introduce bills to repeal HB2 replacing it with LGBT-protecting measures


Legislators in North Carolina have introduced bills in the House and Senate in the state to repeal the controversial House Bill 2 turning it from anti-trans into LGBT protecting. The bills, introduced by Representatives Pricey Harrison, Deb Butler, Kelly Alexander, Susan Fisher and Senators Terry Van Duyn, Mike Woodard, and Jay Chaudhuri were warmly welcomed by the top LGBT rights activists. “My hometown of Greensboro has suffered enormously from economic losses because of HB2, and the potential economic harm from the NCAA pull-out for the next 6 years is even greater.” says Representative Harrison.”The bill introduced today is a clean repeal of HB2 and provides enhanced statewide non-discrimination protections. This bill reflects North Carolina values, unlike HB2. It is long overdue and we will work our hardest to enact this legislation.” Such a measure became a necessity after the NCAA warned that because of the HB2 the state lost the top sport events for the next 6 years


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