Midwives have been asked to refer to other halves as ‘partner’


A pregnant lesbian woman complains over midwives asking her about the father of her future child. She’s complained to the hospital after feeling excluded by the term. Now all midwives in Blackpool have been asked to swap the word “fella” for partner, according to the Blackpool Gazette. The hospital documents confirmed that the midwife who was hosting the class used the term ‘fella’ repeatedly which was treated as inappropriate concerning people in same-sex relationships and also single mothers, so the midwives are banned from using such a words in further classes replacing it with a term ‘partner’. A spokeswoman for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust apologised for the mistake, and said there was no written guidance for midwives on how to refer to patients other halves. Guidance by the British Medical Association has previously tried to iron out suck mistakes, saying: “You should avoid references to a person’s gender except where it is relevant in a discussion.” For example, use the word ‘partner’ instead of ‘wife’ or ‘husband’, ‘parent’ instead of ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, and ‘child’ instead of ‘son’ or ‘daughter’.


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