One more murder of a trans person in Brazil


Thugs stoned a trans woman to death in Brazil. The woman who is yet to be identified was killed at around 4:30am near the Cove in Guarujá, a 310,000 city in São Paulo state. Based on injuries to her face and chest, the police defined that the criminals attacked the victim with stones. Beside the victim’s body, police also found a blood-stained brick, which was handed over to forensics to see whether it was part of the crime.
The woman was found on a corner of the Avenida Dom Pedro I, she is believed to had been a sex worker. Military personnel were alarmed to the scene. They called an emergency ambulance, but doctors found the woman already dead when they arrived. There is no suspect currently, the investigation continues.Brazilian’s labor market is largely closed to transgender people. Only a minority of trans people have a university education or work in high-earning jobs. Often, the only professions open to them are nursing, domestic services, hairdressing, gay entertainment and prostitution.


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