Trump’s Solicitor General hopeful claims same-sex marriages are harmful


The Solicitor General is the White House’s chief legal representative to the United States Supreme Court, and is responsible for setting out and defending the federal government’s policies. One of the top candidates on such a post is Charles J. Cooper who is known for introducing a legal proposition aimed to ban same-sex marriages in the state of California in 2008.

He claimed that the term ‘marriage’ could be viewed only as a union of a man and a woman. n a brief he claimed same-sex marriage “denigrates the importance of mothers and fathers raising the children they create together”, alleging that it would make marriage about “the desires of adults as opposed to the needs of children”. The lawyer also claimed before the court that “redefining marriage as a genderless institution could well lead over time to harms [to] society”. The newly-appointed AG Jeff Sessions supported Cooper’s candidature.


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