Conchita Wurst will disappear


Tom Neuwirth, mostly known for his drag alter-ego Conchita Wurst, says that the character of Conchita did everything that possible for success, popularity and promoting LGBT rights, so it is time for Conchita to leave. “I feel like I want to create a new person… with the bearded lady, I have achieved everything I wanted since the Song Contest victory,” Tom told Die Welt, “I question myself more than ever these days, looking for what I can do well. I am looking for myself, and Tom rebels. I don’t need her anymore… I have to kill her. “I am and always will be Tom. I don’t want to be a woman. I love men, but as a man… when I am dressed as Conchita, men don’t interest me. As a drag act I feel completely asexual,” the drag performer added, explaining that he is tired of a misconception that Conchita was a trans woman. The second album of the Austrian Eurovision winner will be released before she ‘dies’.


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