Graphic gay history video deleted from youtube


A music video with “graphic” gay intimate love story was deleted from Youtube after being watched over a million times. The video which accompanies “House of Air” by Australian singer Brendan Maclean was considered to be unsuitable for the platform because of representing nudity and sexual acts. Youtube is not the first media platform to ban the video. It was immediately banned by Facebook, only Vimeo allowed their users to watch it.

“This was never a ‘marketable’ idea, but it was an original one that I cared about. Was it for everyone? Absolutely not. Has it been the most success I’ve had with anything ever? Absolutely. This whole project has been about looking at topics, sounds and visuals that kind of just entertained me. What a surprise that the advice about not trying to please everybody has been true this entire time, I just had to believe it,`” the singer commented, adding that he is still upset with a news about the video removal, “I knew people would be ‘grossed out’ by some scenes but to see this white hot fury, the homophobia, the anti-semitism — none of us are Jewish anyway, but that’s the alt-right for you — and such kind of shook us all. Some days I just burst into tears, particularly when gay artists said I’d let down the community. I see now that people were mad that we displayed kink and fetish in a joyful manner,


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